Manual of Procedures

Fourth Edition, Geneva - 2007 (Complete and Official)

You may also view the content as two documents:

  1. Introduction through Chapter 12
  2. Complete Appendices
Chapter 1 - The WPA Secretariat
Chapter 2 - Membership
Chapter 3 - The General Assembly
Chapter 4 - The Board and Zone Representatives
Chapter 5 - The Executive Committee
Chapter 6 - Components Reporting to Governing Bodies: Standing and Operational Committees, Task Forces and Presidential Advise
Chapter 7 - The Council
Chapter 8 - Finances
Chapter 9 - Sections
Chapter 10 - Scientific Meetings
Chapter 11 - Educational Activities
Chapter 12 - Publications
Appendix A - Statutes and By-laws
Appendix B - WPA Central File System
Appendix C1 - Member Societies
Appendix C2 - Affiliated Associations
Appendix C3 - Special Individual Members
Appendix C4 - Affiliated Individual Members
Appendix D - Madrid Declaration
Appendix E - Clustering WPA Regions and Zones
Appendix F - Consensus Statements
Appendix G - Guidelines for the WPA YPC
Appendix H - Terms of Reference for the Review Committee
Appendix I - Guidelines Concerning Support from External Sources for Activities of the WPA
Appendix J1 - Contract and Guidelines for the Organization of WPA WCP
Appendix J2 - Contract and Guidelines for the Operation of WPA Organized - Sponsored Scientific Meetings
Appendix J3 - Guýidelines for WPA Granting Co-Sponsorship for Scientific Meetings
Appendix K - Supplemental Information to Choose a Site for WPA Sponsored World Congresses of Psychiatry
Appendix L1 - Accreditation of Educational Activities at WPA Scientific Meetings, Conferences and Congresses
Appendix L2 - Accreditation of Educational Activities Organized by WPA Components Outside WPA Scientific Meetings
Appendix L3 - Application WPA EN
Appendix M - Contract World Psychiatry
Appendix Q - Volume Series Publications


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