WPA Secretariat

The WPA Secretariat in Switzerland
WPA Secretariat

Geneva University Psychiatric Hospital, Bâtiment Les Voirons 2, Chemin du Petit Bel-Air 1225 Chêne-Bourg, Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 305 57 37
Fax: +41 22 305 57 35
E-mail: wpasecretariat@wpanet.org


SECRETARY GENERALRoy Abraham Kallivayalil
ADMINISTRATOR: Francesca Sotgiu

 The Informational Services that the WPA Secretariat has developed include the following:

The Secretariat provides informational and logistical support for the WPA membership admission process, for the work of Zone Representatives, and for business meetings of the WPA leadership. In addition, the Secretariat has developed and/or maintains the following resources:

  • Directory of components of WPA – The WPA database, composed of identifying information, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and website information for all components of the WPA and their officers, is updated annually.

  • WPA central files – These files encompass a number of domains that span all of the activities and components of WPA: they are organized and maintained in both digital and print formats.

  • WPA informational folders and leaflets – In collaboration with the Executive Committee, the WPA informational folder is organized and edited every three years for use in public relations and promotional activities; it is also distributed to all WPA members and components. A summary version of the Informational Folder, the WPA Informational Leaflet, is widely distributed.

  • WPA news – Prepared, in consultation with the Executive Committee, WPA News is distributed quarterly to all WPA components; it contains recent information on key activities of the Association and on international mental health developments.

  • WPA general survey – This triennial survey is prepared, conducted, analyzed and reported in close coordination with the Executive Committee and then distributed to all WPA components. Survey results inform the development of WPA action plans, in particular its Triennial Strategic Plan. Also conducted systematically is a program of Annual Reports from Member Societies and Zone Representatives.

  • Manual of procedures – A new edition is produced and distributed every three years under the guidance of the Executive Committee to reflect amendments made by the Extraordinary General Assembly to the statutes and by-laws as well as operational improvements derived from ongoing institutional experience.
  • WPA website – Designed, coordinated and updated in collaboration with the WPA Educational Coordination Center and in consultation with the Executive Committee.

  • Application procedures and forms – For Member Societies, Affiliated Associations, Special and Affiliated Individual Members, and Fellows.

  • WPA statutes and by-laws

  • Madrid declaration on ethical standards for psychiatric practice

  • Guidelines for WPA Congresses and meetings

  • Guidelines concerning support from external sources for WPA activities

  • Statements on goals and officers of WPA sections




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