April 2011
News from the Section on Forensic Psychiatry

At the First International Congress of Law and Forensic Psychiatry to be held at the University of Sao Paolo on 24-26 February 2011, members of the WPA Section on Forensic Psychiatry will deal with the topics “Cessation of dangerousness” in the Brazilian system – Vision Shrink, Psychiatric reform in Portugal legal aspects of compulsory admission, Epidemiology of psychiatric disorders in prisons, Torture, rape and human rights impacts, Skills and medico-legal reports: history and context, Treatment of a dependency syndrome in forensic Hospitals, Role of psychotherapy in forensic populations, Forensic Ethics and Risk Assessment.

Also, at the 32nd International Congress of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health to be held in the city of Berlin on 17-23 July 2011, the WPA Section on Forensic Psychiatry is organizing a symposium on risk assessment. The topics are: sexual offending in schizophrenia, prediction of violence and other offences in forensic psychiatric patients in Brazil, description of the second step to the validation of the Brazilian version of “HCR-20 Assessing Risk for Violence”, attempted serial neonaticides, and the development of forensic outpatient treatment for crime prevention in an urban catchment area.

Julio Arboleda-Flὸrez
José Taborda
Norbert Konrad




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