April 2011
Section on Women’s Mental Health – Report of Activities

The section members have been actively promoting women’s mental health in their respective countries and internationally. Most academic members teach both the graduate and postgraduate students in their local university hospitals, integrating women’s mental health issues into mainstream medical education. They also lecture in women’s NGO conferences on women’s issues, and present in medical conferences to promote the cause of our section.

The following are some of the important activities of the Section:

1. Key note Address on Women Patients Rights, International Biennial, Pakistan Psychiatric Congress, December 2011 (Prof. Unaiza Niaz).

2. Representation in International Association for Women’s Mental Health Congress, Madrid, March 2011

a) Symposia - The Rights of Women Psychiatric Patients
Facilitator: Donna Stewart, MD, FRCPC, Immediate Past President, IAWMH, University Professor, Chair of Women's Health, University Health Network and University of Toronto, Senior Scientist Toronto General Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Prof. Marta B Rondon, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru, will speak on The Declaration of Caracas: the Reform of Mental Health Services and the rights of women in Latin America
  • Prof. Unaiza Niaz, The Psychiatric Clinic & Stress Research Center, Karachi, Pakistan , will speak on the” Rights Issues in Women in Pakistani Psychiatric Hospitals “
  • Prof. Donna Stewart, will speak on Rights of Women Psychiatric Patients

b) Symposium on The Rights of Women Psychiatric Patients. “WPA Survey on Reporting Child Sexual Abuse and Dr Patient Sexual Relationships” by Prof. Donna Stewart

c) Keynote Talks: Unaiza Niaz, Marta Rondon, Silvia Gaviria, Donna  Stewart, Prabha S. Chandra, Helen Herrman, Nada L Stotland, and Susan G. Kornstein

3. The Section on Women’s Mental Health is also active in the WPA Thematic Conference in Istanbul, 2011.  Prof. Donna Stewart, has a Keynote Lecture on “Depression from a Women’s Mental Health Perspective” and a course on “Women’s Issues in Psychiatry”.

4. The following are the symposia accepted for the WPA World Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina:
a) Section Symposium “Social Determinants of Women’s Mental Health” (Chairpersons - Unaiza Niaz and Elena Levin; and presenters - Donna Stewart, Marta Rondon, and Unaiza Niaz)
b) The Rights of Women Psychiatric Patients (Chair - Donna Stewart; and presenters - Marta Rondon, Unaiza Niaz, and Donna Stewart).

5. The Conference of 5 Continents” whose theme is “Psychosocial effects of globalization on mental health: Toward an ecology of social links”, Lyon (France) from 19-22 October 2011, a Symposium on “Globalization and WMH” is chaired by Saida Douki, and presenters are Unaiza Niaz and Marta Rondon, and Donna Stewart.  

6. In January 2011, Oxford University Press published a book by Unaiza Niaz, Chair of the Section on Women’s Mental Health titled “Wars, Insurgencies and Terrorist Attacks: A psychosocial Perspectives From the Muslim World (This book will be reviewed by Helen Herrman).

Unaiza Niaz
Chair, WPA Section on Women’s Mental Health




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