April 2011
News from the Indonesian Psychiatric Association

The Indonesian Psychiatric Association (IPA) organized two national seminars in October 2010; the “1st National Seminar on Community Psychiatry” and the “6th National Conference on Schizophrenia”. The IPA Section on Community Psychiatry that organized the community psychiatry seminar had just been established in 2009 and started its activity through that seminar with the theme “Mainstreaming Community Psychiatry: Addressing and Promoting Population-Based Needs for Mental Health Programming”. The theme was based on the intention to increase the quality of mental health service focusing on population needs. Participants were not only psychiatrists but also other mental health professionals, health professionals, consumer and family groups, media, NGOs and people concerned with mental health. The population needs were related to policy, education system, service quality, and special situation like HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, disaster, and domestic violence.

The 6th National Conference on Schizophrenia, a biannual conference, had the theme “Lighting the Hope towards Recovery” to try to bring new paradigm in schizophrenia, a disease that is often perceived as having no chance to improve. Beside topics on new or updated approaches in schizophrenia, for the first time this conference pushed forward the issue of outcome measurement that should be the basis of evaluating therapeutic process and progress of people with mental health problems.

In the year of 2011, there will be five national conferences on issues that are related to organization of IPA, psychosexual, geriatric psychiatry, women’s mental health, and community psychiatry. The development of each area is expected to have collaboration with related WPA Sections.

Tun Kuniasih Bastaman
President, Indonesian Psychiatric Association




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