June 2011
News from the WPA Section on Psychophysiology: "Standard Electroencephalography in Clinical Psychiatry"

Silvana Galderisi and Nash Boutros, Chairperson and Co-Chairperson of the WPA Section on Psychophysiology, in collaboration with Oliver Pogarell and Silvana Riggio, have recently published a book “Standard Electroencephalography in Clinical Psychiatry”: a practical handbook, that illustrates the central role of sEEG in the assessment of psychiatric patients and monitoring of psychotropic drugs toxicity.

The book fills a need in medical and psychiatric training, as well as in continuous medical education, as no comparable book has been published in last decades. It is readable, with many figures and tables and describes findings which strongly recommend the routine use of sEEG in clinical psychiatry. Useful case vignettes are provided for childhood and adult psychiatric disorders, intoxication with psychotropic drugs, and conditions, such as non-convulsive status epilepticus, for which only sEEG can confirm the diagnosis. Present limitations and future perspectives of  board certification procedures for Electrophysiology in Psychiatry are also clearly illustrated.

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