July 2011
News from the Polish Psychiatric Association

The Polish Psychiatric Association (PPA) has about 2000 members, mainly medical doctors, most of whom are psychiatrists, as well as (on the equal rights) psychologists, psychiatric nurses, sociologists and other professionals engaged in the area of mental health, to promote proper standards of diagnostic and therapy, as well as take care of economical, legal and social positions of psychiatry and psychiatric patients. The efforts to improve the status of psychiatric care led to the National Program of Mental Health Care. One of the important aspects of this activity is the publication of results of research and other scientific papers.   

The Polish Psychiatric Association Editorial Committee edits four scientific journals:

  • “Psychiatria Polska” (Polish Psychiatry) – founded in 1923, bimonthly issue, full-texts in Polish, abstracts in English, French, German and Russian.  It is available on the web page at www.psychiatriapolska.pl. Indexed in Thomson Reuters’ Science Citation Index Expanded
  • “Psychoterapia” (Psychotherapy) – founded in 1970, quarterly issue, full-texts in Polish, abstracts in English. It is available on the web page at www.psychoterapiaptp.pl
  • International quarterly “Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy” – founded in 1999, full-texts in English. It is available on the web page at www.archivespp.pl
  • Electronic quarterly “Psychiatry and Psychotherapy” – founded in 2005, full-texts in Polish, abstracts in English. It is available on the web page at www.psychiatriapsychoterapia.pl

In addition, the PPA Editorial Committee issues a monographic series “Biblioteka Psychiatrii Polskiej” (Library of Polish Psychiatry), entirely in Polish, 3-5 positions per year. It is listed on the website at www.psychiatriapolska.pl/biblioteka.html.




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