July 2011
News from the Psychiatric Association of Rio Grande do Sul (APRS)

The Psychiatric Association of Rio Grande do Sul (APRS) will be promoting from 18-20  August 2011, its 10th Regional Meeting at the Hotel Plaza São Rafael Convention Center, in Porto Alegre, RS. This event, which has become a landmark in the national scientific agenda, has long been an important source of scientific updating for all mental health professionals.
The theme of the upcoming Meeting will be “Etiology and Psychiatry: The Etiological Equation in the Neurosciences Era”. We believe that this may represent the starting point for the discussion not only of the etiology of neurosis as proposed by Freud but also for the understanding of the key elements of this formulation, such as the constitutional factors, the childhood experiences and the many different experiences during one´s life. By means of an intricate and complex relation, these experiences may represent the origin of many psychopathological conditions that we must face in our professional daily activities.
The Scientific Board has organized a high-standard event, which has been a tradition over the years. We have already confirmed the presence of international guests and many other fellow Brazilian psychiatrists and researchers will participate in the event.

Our main goal is to provide a meeting which scientific advances may result in practical benefits to the society. We look forward for your presence in August to help us keeping up the tradition of our Meeting.

We invite you to visit our website: www.jornadaaprs.com.br

Jair Segal
APRS Scientific Director




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