July 2011
The WPA Section on Military Psychiatry is presented and enhanced at the Conference of Military Psychiatrists of Ukraine

A section of participants attending the IV Conference of Military Psychiatrist, Kharkov, Ukraine.On 8-9 June 2011  in Kharkov, the second biggest city of Ukraine (after Kiev, the capital), the IV Conference of Military Psychiatrists was held. The conference attracted more than 50 representatives from military and civil psychiatric institutions, including academics and researchers from medical universities. During the conference the WPA Section on Military Psychiatry was presented and promoted which resulted in the involvement of two leading specialists in the list of members, including a chief Army psychiatrist. Growing interest in mental health problems in the military in Ukraine is connected with Military Forces reformation and existing concerns regarding adaptation problems due to psycho-social stress and economic situation, which hits both conscripts and veterans.  The Section, though slowly, is involving more members. We are sure that this Section, dealing with sensitive issues of military mental health, will soon take its deserving place among the other Sections of the WPA.  

Vsevolod Rozanov
Provisional Chair, WPA Section on Military Psychiatry

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