November 2011
Brief news and activities of the Czech Psychiatric Association of the Czech Medical Association

Website of the Society

Renovation of the web site of the Society - www.psychiatrie.cz.  The website contains a lot of information and data for the public especially for psychiatrists.

Regular monthly scientific Workshops

Every month the Society organizes a scientific Workshop with a scientific program.  The Workshop is attended by many psychiatrists from Czech Republic.
Heveroch Medal

The Society is awarding members for long-term membership in the society and in psychiatry.

Organization of the Psychiatric Congress 2011

The 15th Czech-Slovak Psychiatric Congress 2011 was held in Brno, Czech Republic from October 12 to 15, 2011. For more information about the meeting please visit www.csps2011.cz

J. E. PurkynÄ›

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