November 2011
News from the Guatemalan Psychiatric Association

The Guatemalan Psychiatric Association is made up of 60 specialists in psychiatry.  It holds monthly meetings where expository conferences aim to promote continued medical education for the specialists.

Currently, we have our own head office which advocates a social program for low income patients. Through donations we are able to provide one or two months of free pharmacological treatment for them.

Additionally, our quarterly publication of “The Psychatric Gazette” writtten by Dr. Luis Torrebiarte targets all psychiatric professionals to be updated on new findings in the field.

On 27-29 October, we will be holding our regional congress in Guatemala. It brings together Latin American psychiatrists and will tackle the topic “Violence and Natural Disasters”.

For the upcoming two years, the current board of directors of the Association aims to have a social projection in favour of our country, to carry on with continued medical education and to organize formal conferences so as to contribute to the development of psychiatry in Guatemala.
Sibyl P. Prado R.
President, Guatemala Psychiatric Association




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