November 2011
The 8th Psychiatric Saturday in Mostar

A section of the participants at the 8th Psychiatric Saturday in Mostar.The traditional Symposium Mostar’s Psychiatric Saturday was held this year for the eighth time. The theme of symposia “Ethics and Morality Disorders in a Modern Medicine and Society” brought together over 200 mental health (and related disciplines) professionals from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the Key Lecture and two plenary sessions with 13 speakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Australia, all the participants had the opportunity to participate in a dynamic discussion about a topic which is always current, especially in transitional times, passing through our society, medicine and psychiatry. The Symposium was held on 25 June 2011 at the hotel "Ero", and was organized by the Department of Psychiatry (School of Medicine, Mostar). This year the co-organizers were the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) and the University Clinic Mostar - Department of Psychiatry. The programme this year was eventful, with seven exhibitions of Symposia sponsors, presentation of the three medical magazines and journals from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, as well as several books. The day before the Symposium, participants were able to attend to the traditional Satellite Symposium entitled "The interest and welfare of psychiatric patients" with a gala dinner, organized by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly B-H. The PABH held a leadership meeting where they discussed issues related to the upcoming WPA 15th World Congress of Psychiatry in Argentina (2011) and The Third Congress of Psychiatrists in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2012).

This year Mostar’s Symposium may be proud of its very high professional level: the participation of three Academicians, with speakers from all over Medical Faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina (who are all members of the PABH), as well as from the Medical Faculty in Zagreb (Croatia), Faculty of Law and Philosophy (University of Mostar) and one lecturer from Australia; this added to the symposia the characteristics of a regional and international event. The participants were welcomed by representatives of the public and the scientific establishment of Herzegovina and City of Mostar, as well as the President of PABH, Prof. Izet Pajević. Speakers and participants of the 8th Mostar’s Psychiatric Saturday obtained a Certificate of Participation.

In the beautiful City of Mostar, which also restores both intellectually and spiritually, we had a pleasant and useful opportunity to exchange professional experiences and ideas with colleagues and enjoy the always sunny Herzegovina. Therefore, we look forward to the next 9th Mostar‘s Psychiatric Saturday.

Izet Pajević, President, PAHB
Dragan Babić, Vice-President, PAHB and President, Organizing Commitee
Goran Račetović, MD, Secretary General, PAHB




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