November 2011
The Third General Assembly of Psychiatric Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Working Committee of the General Assembly.In conjunction with the 5th Symposium of Biological Psychiatry in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Konjic, "Garden City Hotel & Spa"), the 3rd General Assembly of the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) was held on 10 October 2011. We managed on time to organize, prepare and notify all members of PABH about this most important meeting of our Association in 2011. At this year's General Assembly about 50 PABH members were present, and their votes made all the decisions valid, in accordance with the Statutes of the Association. The Assembly was opened by the President of the Assembly, Professor Ismet Cerić (Sarajevo), and the work of the Assembly was coordinated by the Working Committee with its Chairman, Prof. Izet Pajević from Tuzla (PABH President) and other members of the Working Committee of the Assembly.

During the Assembly the following documents were presented and were unanimously adopted: Annual Report 2010/2011 (Dr. Goran Račetović, Secretary General); Financial Report 2010/2011 (Prof. Izet Pajević, President of the Association); and Amendments to the Statutes of the Association (Secretary General). At the end of the Assembly session information about First Announcement of the Third Congress of Psychiatry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be held in Tuzla next year, was presented. The delegates were also informed about the WPA Extraordinary and Ordinary General Assembly in Buenos Aires (21 September 2011) by the Secretary General and Voting Delegate during WPA Assemblies, Dr. Goran Račetović.

This year's Assembly was not only one of the continuous achievement in the development of the Association and its further promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s psychiatrists, but also a very important occasion to better and diversity more the connection with WPA, and the further active role of the PABH in this world's leading professional association. The next General Assembly will be held during the PABH Congress in Tuzla (2012) to be followed by elections for the leadership of our Association.

Izet Pajević, President, PABH
Alma Džubur-Kulenović and Goran Račetović, Secretaries General, PABH




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