November 2011
News from the WPA Section on Immunology and Psychiatry

The meeting of the WPA Section on Immunology and Psychiatry was held on 19th of September at the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry in Buenos Aires. The Section members discussed the recent and current activities, and some future activities were proposed. Our section will co-organize the ‘Psychoneuroimmunology Expert Meeting’ in March 2012.  We will also participate in the EPA conference in March 2012. We plan to organize a Psychoneuro-immunology Workshop for young investigators in 2013. We also plan to promote the young investigator initiative small research project by providing some prizes.

At the World Psychiatric Congress in Buenos Aires, our Section successfully organized a section symposium on psychoneuroimmunology in schizophrenia and a regular symposium on psychoneuro-immunology in depression from the aspect of body-mind connection through interaction between immune system changes and tryptophan metabolism and neurochemicals changes.

Aye Mu Myint
Secretary, WPA Section on Immunology and Psychiatry

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