November 2011
News from WPA Zone 15 (Central and Western Asia) - Activities in Pakistan 2011

January 2011
Two workshops on Integration of Mental Health in Primary Care were conducted by the Department of Psychiatry, PIMS in collaboration with King’s College London, British Council and THET. The duration of the workshop was five days for each group. Targeted group were lady health visitors, lady health workers, paramedical staff and GPs from remote areas. A one-day workshop on CBT was organized by Dr. Farooq Naeem from the University of Liverpool, UK. Speakers were Prof. Rachel Jenkins, Head of Psychiatry, Kings College London, Mr. Stuart, social worker, UK.

March 2011
A research was conducted on the topic "Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care in Remote and Rural Areas of Pakistan".

April 2011
Two workshops on Whole School Approach were conducted in collaboration with King’s College London, British Council, and THET. The duration of the workshops was five days for each group.

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May 2011
A special session on Child Psychology was delivered by Dr. Ayesha from Australia.

June 2011

  • Mental Health assessment of Second batch of 30 security guards of the Prime Minster and the President was carried out.
  • A Workshop on CBT was conducted by Asima Mehboob Khan, senior clinical psychologist/psychotherapist.

July 2011
Participated in a worldwide ICD WPA/WHO survey.

August 2011
Two posters were presented at the World Asian congress of Psychiatry in Melbourne, Australia. Three papers were presented at the Annual Scientific Conference in Nairobi.

October 2011
World mental health day was celebrated on 10 October. Poor needy patients were facilitated and open day was organized.
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Pakistan Psychiatric Symposium in Muzzafarabad on 6-7 October 2011

On the anniversary of the 2005 earthquake a two-day symposium was organized at Muzzafarabad Kashmir (which was destroyed in the earthquake). The late Prof Haroon Chaudhry was honored with a memorial lecture.

Ethical guidelines for dealing with pharmaceuticals in the light of the WPA guidelines were discussed.

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12 October 2011

UNESCO Eco-bioethics chair to be established at Psychiatry Department Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.

15 October 2011
Pakistan Psychiatric Society has tabled a private bill in the Senate to amend the laws relating to punishment for Suicide acts.

WPA co-sponsored National Conference of Pakistan Psychiatric Society will be held on the 24 and 25th of December at Lahore.

Activities of Iran Psychiatric Association 2011

The Iranian Psychiatric Association (IPA) has had several joint meetings with presidents of Associations of social workers, social medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry and epidemiology.

The representative of IPA has participated in the sessions of the annual meeting of the Association of Medical Group of Iran.  

IPA has had several sessions with board members of the General Medical Council of Iran discussing mental health issues and matters of interest to IPA members.

The president and secretary general of IPA attended the annual meeting of the Scientific Association of Iran.

President of IPA has been elected as a member of the strategic committee of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education on mental health and addiction. He attended several meetings and expressed the Association's goals in detail to the responsible colleagues.

Participation of IPA in the continuing medical education programs for general practitioners sponsored by the General Medical Council of Iran.

Have had three seminars on continuing medical education for psychiatrists. These seminars were highly successful and useful according to the final evaluation by the attenders.

Monthly conferences on interesting topics delivered by experts have been welcomed by members.          

Some of the IPA members became familiar with the activities of Alzheimer Association and Association for Protection of Schizophrenic Patients.

Active participation with UNESCO chair in Iran concerning education on mental health topics and destigmatization in psychiatry and media. There will be a seminar sponsored by UNESCO chair in Iran and IPA in March 2012.

IPA participated in editing the 20th document for promoting medical education sponsored by the education deputy of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

Joint meeting with Italian psychiatrists who were invited to come to Iran to share their experiences concerning community based psychiatry and destigmatization in Italy.

Giving consultation on different mental health issues to different government and NGO organizations. IPA also gave appropriate consultation to members when needed.

IPA is going to have two important events in the next ten months; the first in November 2011 which is the annual meeting of IPA, and the second is the WPA regional meeting; which is going to be held in Tehran, in early June 2012.

Ahmed Jalili
WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 15 (Central and Western Asia)
President, Iran Psychiatric Association




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