March 2012
WPA Preventive Psychiatry Section News: Feb 29, 2012

The WPA Preventive Psychiatry Section met at Buenos Aires during World Congress of Psychiatry and elected the following office-bearers:

Chair: Roy Abraham Kallivayalil (India)
Co-Chair: Nikos Christodoulou (Greece)
Secretary: Olga Karpenko (Russia)

Committee: Bulent Coskun (Turkey),Helen Herrman (Australia),Dimitris Kontis (Greece),Margit Schmolke (Germany) and JK Trivedi (India)

Our Section has initiated a number of activities in different parts of the world.  One of the important programs was:

 WPA Preventive Psychiatry Section Symposium: Kochi, India:  which was organized during the 64th Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society on January 21, 2012

Subject: “Preventive Psychiatry- Looking Ahead in India and the World” 

 Chairmen: Roy Abraham Kallivayalil (India)  and S Rajkumar (Australia)

The following papers were presented.

  1. WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry: Role and Agenda- Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil.
  2. Preventive Psychiatry: Current scenario and Lessons Learned- Prof Mohan Isaac (Australia)
  3. Preventive Psychiatry in Nepal- Dr Mahendra Nepal (Nepal)
  4. Preventive Psychiatry in India- Prof BS Chavan (Chandigarh)
  5. Preventive Psychiatry: Its relevance to Child Psychiatry: Prof Varghese P Punnoose (Kottayam, India)
  6. Preventive Psychiatry: What do we learn from the developed world?: Prof  Rohan Ganguli (Canada)
  7. Preventive Psychiatry: Does it determine the future of Psychiatry: Prof JK Trivedi (Lucknow)

The symposium had houseful attendance and much interested participation by delegates.

Prof  Roy Abraham Kallivayalil 

Chairman, WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry

Chairman and Speakers at the WPA Preventive Psychiatry Section Symposium at Kochi, India on January 21, 2012: Prof Mohan Isaac (Australia), Dr Mahendra Nepal (Nepal), Prof BS Chavan (Chandigarh), Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil (Section Chairman), Prof S Rajkumar (Australia), Prof Varghese P Punnoose (Kottayam, India), Prof JK Trivedi (Lucknow) and Prof Rohan Ganguli (Canada) are seen.




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