March 2012
Section on Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental Health

The WPA Section on Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental Health is focused both on parental and infant mental health without one or the other being predominant. This raises many issues of adequacy of care, of timing of treatment, and of accompaniment and support when parenthood arises, when either parents or infant or both are submitted to mental health pathology and/or environmental insults. Our Section is therefore intent on working both with the major international societies and the WPA Sections concerned with both parental and infant mental health, i.e., the Marcé Society, the Women’s International Mental Health and the World Association for Infant Mental Health and both the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Women’s Mental Health Sections of the WPA. In order to implement this, we have regularly presented section symposiums encompassing our field. We invite WPA members to come to our next symposium at the WPA Congress in Prague on 17-21 October 2012 Perinatal issues: updates and contreversies. There will be the WAIMH congress in South Africa in April 2012 (, the American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia where we will be presenting work on Therapeutic management, psychotropic medication, and the postpartum on Tuesday, 8 May 2012. The Marcé Society will hold its conference in Paris on 3-5 October 2012 where the Section will present a symposium on Perinatal Mood Disorders entitled Perinatal mood disorders, prevention and management. The Board of the Section John Cox, Nicole Garret, Antoine Guedeney, Miri Keren, Martin St André and myself hope you will join us at one or more of these important dates for perinatal and infant mental health around the world.


Gisèle Apter

Chair, WPA Section on Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental Health




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