March 2012
Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries

The Asian Federation of Early Career Psychiatrists of the AFPA headed by Dr. Smirnova and generously organised by the Indo Global Psychiatric Initiative (IGPI) under the President Prof. Russell D'Souza and with the very hard work of Prof. Dinesh Narayanan, Dr. E. Mohandas, Chair of the WPA Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries and colleagues in Kochi, Kerala held a very successful two-day training conference, the second in just five months in Kochi, India on 15-16th January 2012. Over 50 young psychiatrists from Nepal, India, PR China, Indonesia, Egypt, Russia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, Iraq, the UK, and Singapore attended the conference and lecturers from Australia, US, Malaysia, France, India, and the UK contributed to the training apart from the workshop sessions and many very active participatory sessions in the two days. A visit to the vast Amrita Institute and Hospital complex was organised by the Professor of Psychiatry and host Prof. Dinesh.

Pictures of the conference tell their story of how Asian Psychiatry is making progress amongst our younger colleagues. The Conference was followed by the 3rd Indo Global Psychiatric Initiative (3rd IGPI) attended by over 200 participants including the AFECP colleagues on 17-18 January 2012 at the auditorium of the same venue. The next meeting of the AFECP is scheduled for Bangalore in 2013.

M. Parameshvara Deva

Former Chair, WPA Section on Psychiatry in Developing Countries


Participants at the Asian Federation of Early Career Psychiatrists training conference in Kochi, India.




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