March 2012
WPA Zone 7 (Northern Europe) and the WPA Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)

A Trans-Zonal Finnish and Russian Meeting

The psychiatric associations in the neighbouring countries, Finland and Russia, have a long tradition of educational and scientific co-operation. The co-operation has been on hold for the last years. The Finnish Psychiatric Association and the Russian Society of Psychiatrists met in Moscow on 12 December 2011 to discuss bi-lateral measures to revitalise the co-operation.

The official meeting between the delegations of the two psychiatric associations decided to participate in each other’s national training with a regular exchange of lecturers and to investigate possibilities for joint research co-operation. The educational needs of the increasing number of Russian-speaking psychiatrists in Finland could be supported by a free access via internet to the full texts of the Russian psychiatric journals and the international journals translated to Russian, as the WPA’s “World Psychiatry”.

The successful meeting was endorsed by the WPA Zonal Representatives, Dr. Henrik Wahlberg (Zone 7), and Prof. Petr Morozov (Zone 10). The Finnish delegates participated, during their mid-winter visit to the megalopolis, also in the Russian psychiatric conference, met with Russian colleagues, and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere during the conference banquet.  

Jyrki Korkeila, Nikolay Neznanov, Henrik Wahlberg, and Petr Morozov


Presidents from left: Prof. Jyrki Korkeila (Finnish Psychiatric Association) and Prof. Nikolay Neznanov (Russian Society of Psychiatrists).


WPA Zonal Representatives Dr. Henrik Wahlberg (left) and Prof. Petr Morozov.




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