March 2012
Sudanese Association of Psychiatrists

The Sudanese Association of Psychiatrists pays its compliments and thanks to the WPA Executive Committee and member associations for their continued support extended to our Association. In reflection to our healthy democratic traditions, it gives me pleasure to inform you that a new elected executive committee was smoothly handed over the office of the Association by the former successful team in January 2012. The new team looks forward to continued strong relations and cooperation. The new team has a number of the old guards, a reasonable group of young blood and gender balance.

The new elected office is formed as follows: Dr. Nur Elhuda Elshafie (Chairperson), Dr. Abdelrahman Abudoam (Deputy chair), Dr. Salah Haroun (Secretary General), Dr. Abdelgadir  Hussein (Academic secretary), Dr. Fathia Shaboo and Dr. Aisha Bakeit (Social secretaries), Dr. Bella Abusinaina and Dr. Anas (Information secretaries), and Dr. Omer Hussein (Financial secretary).

Salah Haroun

Secretary, General Sudanese Association of Psychiatrists

Director General, Taha Baashar Psychiatric Teaching Hospital, Khartoum North




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