March 2012
News from the French Psychiatric Information Society

The French “Société of Information Psychiatrique (SIP)”, whose President, Nicole Garret Gloanec is also the current president of the French Federation for Psychiatry, is holding its annual meeting on 3-6 October 2012 in Lyon (co-sponsored by the WPA). The conference is entitled: What is psychiatry up to? The program is centered on the role psychiatry and psychiatrists are to play in today’s society. Clinical preoccupations often seem to have been forgotten by our societies today as economical and political issues are foremost. What objectives therefore can we set for our discipline? Who is to determine and evaluate our objectives and whether we have reached them? How do we continue to treat our patients with humanity and yet know when to protect them from themselves and society from their potential dangerousness? How is our research to be assessed and evaluated when it spans from genetics and biology all the way through to the social sciences? How do we teach and secure that future generations of professionals will practice and continuously revise their knowledge on such critical issues? The congress is in French and a special issue of the conference will be published in the Journal L’information Psychiatrique. We will aim to provide a summary of the main points in English for the WPA media channels during the months that follow the conference.

Nicole Garret Gloanec

President, French Psychiatric Information Society




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