March 2012
Section on Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care

The Section on Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care is beginning work on a project to develop a program to train non physician, mid-level mental health providers in LMIC. The shortage of mental health providers is a worldwide dilemma, and is particularly evident in the primary care setting where mental illness often first presents. The acute need for screening of psychopathology in this setting cannot be overstated. Our Section is working in collaboration with the Section on Education in Psychiatry to better address this growing problem. The WPA is uniquely positioned to create global training opportunities to expand clinical services in this setting. The use of distant learning, computer-based educational strategies are at the core of this project. Once established and validated, this training program could become a useful model worldwide. We believe this work is consistent with the overarching goals of the WPA and its current leadership. We strongly encourage participation from any interested member of our Organization.

David Baron

Chair, WPA Section on Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care




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