September 2012
News from The Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)

Professor Dinesh Bhugra FRCPsych

From his earliest days and roots growing up in India Dinesh Bhugra has been a passionate advocate and a pioneer in the field of cultural psychiatry in both clinical research and practice.  As Professor of Mental Health and Cultural Diversity at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London he has led national and international research on the impact of cultural factors.

He  was Chair of the then Psychiatric Trainees Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a trainee. He was elected  Chair of the  Faculty of General and Community Psychiatry, Sub-Dean  and then Dean. Dinesh led us through some of the most troublesome times in medical education and was an outstanding Dean.

Uniquely elected unopposed as President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists he raised the profile of psychiatry and psychiatrists across medicine, being elected as Vice-Chair of the Academy of the Medical Royal Colleges.  In Europe he has helped develop  an identity for European psychiatry  and European mental health strategy. 

For the World Psychiatric Association he led two very important projects: migration and mental illness and recruitment into psychiatry. 

As President he brought great wisdom, but, above all, leadership and enthusiasm which makes us proud to be in psychiatry. 

As leader, educationalist and communicator Dinesh has delivered excellence in all he does and in so doing has vastly improved the lives of users and carers across the world. Dinesh is richly deserving of the Honorary Fellowship of this College for which he has made such a difference.

Professor Mario Maj FRCPsych

Professor Maj is a truly outstanding international figure in psychiatry, whose contributions to research, academic psychiatry and policy influences are immense.

After graduation from the University of Naples he obtained his PhD in Sweden.  Professor Maj has been the Head of Department of Psychiatry at the University of Naples since 1985, and was the most cited Italian psychiatrist between 1981 and 2009.  He has been President of the Italian Psychiatric Association, President of the Council of Italian Psychiatrists, of the Italian Society of Biological Psychiatrists and the Italian Society of Psychiatric  Epidemiology.  He has founded two eminent institutions – the Italian Society of Psychiatric Epidemiology and the Italian Society of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

He was President of the European Psychiatric Association  and chair of the AEP/UEMS/WHO/WPA Task Force which looked at training and Education.

In 2008 Professor Maj was elected President of the World Psychiatric Association, having served previously as WPA Secretary for Publications (1997 – 2005).  He established a new journal, World Psychiatry, which he edits and which is the official journal of the WPA, translated into six languages and widely read and is in the top ten psychiatric journals.  Yet he continues to carry on with research and education. He had advised the WHO on the revision of ICD-11 has been truly inspirational.

Professor Maj is a truly inspirational international figure whose contributions to the science and practice of psychiatry are worthy of honour.




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