October 2012
Argentinean Psychiatrists Association (APSA)

Argentinean Psychiatrists Association (APSA)

The Argentinean Congresses of Psychiatry organized by the Argentinean Psychiatrists Association (APSA) have become a traditional event all around the Latin American Southern Cone Region. This has been reflected by the high level of attendance at the 27th Argentinean Congress of Psychiatry under the theme “Professional Responsibilities in the face of Social Suffering and Mental Illness”, which took place on 18-21April 2012 in the city of Mar del Plata, and gathered about 5200 participants, most of them psychiatrists, and also psychologists, social assistants, and physicians from other specialties. Besides the national presence, the attendance of delegates from South American countries was very significant. Some Argentinean colleagues settled abroad, especially in Europe, APAL representatives, and the WPA President Prof. Pedro Ruíz, also participated.

Among all the Congress activities, forty-two Intra-congress courses were offered, with high academic level and large participation.

Not only was there a large number of attendees, but also a historical record of paper submissions was reached.

Also, some complex issues were debated, such as the Mental Health legislation in Argentina, and a need for the national regulation of the Law in force, which considers mental illness as such and its multifactorial genesis, as well as the role and responsibilities of psychiatrists within a healthcare team.

Alfredo Cía

President, Argentinean Psychiatrists Association 

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