September 2012
Sociedad Española de Patologia Dual

Sociedad Española de Patologia Dual

VI National Course on Dual Pathology and Gender

21 June 2012, Bilbao, Spain 


The success of past courses 2007 (Cocaine), 2008 (Alcohol), 2009 (Cannabis), 2010 (Hypnosedatives) and 2011 (Opioids), obtained by the Sociedad Española de Patología Dual, and focused on Dual Pathology and Gender, have encouraged us to organize this sixth edition on Nicotine Dual Pathology and Woman.

The Society’s Board have taken upon themselves the coordination of this course placing it in Bilbao, where the local institutions have given strong support to make it possible and it has taken place at the Basque Country University. More than 250 clinicians, mainly psychiatrists and psychologists attended this meeting.

Research in analysis of gender in the area of Dual Pathology is relatively recent, although the fact of being a male or a female conforms and conditions the way addiction pathology is expressed as it is often the case with other psychiatric disorders. Although the differences between male and female are well documented, the research approach rarely considers the gender. In general the research, prevention and treatment of both psychopathologic signs are considered from the “male´s” position.

The differences in female’s dual pathology are related with phenomena both neurobiological and psychosocial, as well as with the structure of the individual, the family and the social network in which the subject is immersed. The situation of the woman, as a subject in itself, is placed in evolutive-historic-social network.

Our society has lived great changes in the past century regarding the female’s role. Today, women have more professional and educational opportunities although negative differences in salaries, positions or other still prevail.

Women’s incorporation to society in a more egalitarian position has also carried their incorporation to its more negative sides such as abuse of alcohol or other drugs which are accompanied by diverse psychopathologic disorders emphasizing those prevailing in women.  

Nicotine is the drug more frequently consumed in our society, also in the case of women. When this intake becomes an addiction it generally appears with the presence of diverse psychopathologic disorders as anxiety or depression, psychotic situations, personality disorders or others which present in women, clearly differentiated characteristics.

The knowledge of these biologic and socio-cultural differences by clinicians can help them to have a different clinical and therapeutic approach in women.

Nestor Szerman

President, Sociedad Española de Patología Dual/Spanish Society of Dual Pathology




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