September 2012
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

With the growing knowledge that the vast majority of psychiatric disorders have their onset in childhood and adolescence, the WPA Section on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry represents a broad and vitally important element of world psychiatry. There are many reasons for this but our goal is to raise the profile of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) in the WPA. The WPA Section on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has already become one of the leading players on the international CAP stage by: 

  1. Organizing symposia with best speakers at all major CAP conferences across the globe.
  2. Leading teaching and learning activities including a recent seminar in Italy organized by Profs. B. Leventhal and E. Caffo.  
  3. The WPA CAP Group on Teaching educational sessions at the major CAP conferences in Asia, North America and Europe. This group aims to promote knowledge among child psychiatrists about PBL and other progressive educational initiatives through national and international collaboration, information exchange, research and education.
  4. Establishing a new e journal “World Child and Adolescent Psychiatry” (Editor: Dr. Norbert Skokauskas).
  5. Initiating new multinational research projects.

Bennett L. Leventhal, Chair

Gordana Milavic, Co-Chair

Norbert Skokauskas, Secretary

WPA Section on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry




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