September 2012
Dual Disorders/Pathology

Dual Disorders Services in Israel

Nowadays every public or private psychiatric service should manage challenging Dual Disorders Patients (DDP). DDP became a standard patient and not the exception. Therefore, services should deliver comprehensive solutions to outgrowing patient necessities.

In Israel every citizen can apply and receive "free treatment" currently covered by the state. In everyday work it is crucial to display practical wisdom, common sense, profound sensitivity and deep transcultural knowledge to the particular group and individual needs.

There are two modalities of Dual Disorders Services (DDS):

  • Full Specialized DDS (All services are integrated under one roof).
  • Partially Specialized  DDS (Partial services exist under one roof and collaboration with external facilities are  performed).

A Full Specialized DDS may function and encompass: 1) ER dual disorder consultant 2) Multidisciplinary psychiatric service 3) Detoxification facility 4) Therapeutic community elements 5) NA/AA Modified groups 6) Complementary treatments 7) Ongoing outpatient clinic.

A Partially Specialized DDS provides partial services and collaborates with other facilities. Hospitals have at least, one Dual Disorder Psychiatric Specialist who provides consultation. Full and Partially Specialized Dual Disorder Services give treatment to three categories of patients: Inpatients, Outpatients and Day-Therapy patients.

Nestor Szerman

Chair, WPA Section on Dual Disorders/Pathology




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