September 2012
WPA Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)

A new website of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists

A new web-portal of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists ( has been updated in June 2012. Modern internet technology will help to improve professional communication between psychiatrists from different parts of Russia, as well as to create a common information space for mental health professionals of the WPA Zone 10. A new website of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists involves information on the Society’s activities, calendar of the national and international events, the latest news and discussions, full texts of main psychiatric journals, including a Russian version of the “World Psychiatry”, as well as a directory of the 1300 mental health institutions of Russia. Different guidelines and educational materials for mental health staff, medical students as well as for people with mental disorders and their families will appear on the site in the nearest future. It is also expected further technical development and creation of some applications for mobile devices. The English version of the website will be provided soon.

Peter Morozov

WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 10 (Eastern Europe)




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