September 2012
WPA Zone 12 (Middle East)

Report on activities of the region


The hospital of the cross held its annual congress with the title “addiction without drugs” on 20-21 April 2012.

The congress was co-sponsored by the WPA and included multinational speakers from different countries like France, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria along with the Lebanese psychiatrists, who discussed an interesting overview on the subject.

The program included mainly lectures about internet addiction, compulsive buying, sports addiction, sex addiction, power addiction, eating disorders and their different approaches.

There were a total of 350 attendees from different institutions and countries and there were multiple discussions about the multidisciplinary treatment.

At the end of the congress an evaluation form was handed out to the attendees in order to receive more feedback on the subject.


The second international congress of the Jordanian Association of Psychiatrists was held in Amman on 6-8 June 2012, co-sponsored by the WPA and the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists. Sixty-six papers were presented at the congress and it was attended by 250 delegates from USA, UK, Germany, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, India and South Africa.

Walid Sarhan

WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 12 (Middle East)




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