November 2012
Education in Psychiatry

Our members face certain challenges: we are committed experts regarding “education in psychiatry” but we each have a wide range of obligations and responsibilities in our daily routines. Nevertheless, we still manage to find time and energy to carry our zero budget projects – most recent ones focusing on “preventive aspects of psychiatric education” (lead by Nikos Christodoulou) and “place of psychiatry in medical curricula” (lead by Afzal Javed). There are a few others as well.

The concept of “active membership” helped to create improved communication and increased sharing of observations and experiences in the Section. We are keen to extend that networking to other sections, recognizing that the educational component is essential to all WPA Sections and that intersectional collaboration is of paramount importance (as was emphasized at the Section Chairs meeting in Prague).

Recently we held two intersectional symposia (with the Section on Preventive Psychiatry and the Section on Primary Health Care) at the WPA IC in Prague, in addition to our Sectional symposium and several individual contributions by our members.

A workshop in Doha, Qatar had been organized by Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar and WPA Section on Education with the leadership of Ziad Kronfol in April 2012 on “Undergraduate Psychiatric Education in Developing Countries: towards a more culturally relevant curriculum” and as a kind of follow up for that meeting another two days workshop is being organized at Coventry, Warwickshire, UK on 18th – 19th of March 2013, with the title: Undergraduate teaching & training in Psychiatry  "Setting guidelines for low income & developing countries" by WPA Section on Education and Midlands Psychiatric research Group, UK, under the responsibility of Afzal Javed and Bulent Coskun. This workshop has also been accepted by WPA Executive Committee as a WPA cosponsored meeting similar to the previous one. Our Section is determined to continue such activities both as special meetings at different settings and at various WPA Congresses (sessions in Bucharest, Istanbul and Vienna will follow).

We also contributed to the first European Social Psychiatry Congress in Geneva (June 2012) with two symposia and have plans to do so at the World Association of Social Pychiatry meeting in Lisbon (July 2013), focusing on public education and education of primary care workers.

A forum on “Undergraduate Medical Education – Role of Psychiatry”, with participation of Section Chairs and members of our Section is being prepared for WPA Congress in Bucharest by Afzal Javed (WPA Secretary for Sections), Eliot Sorel (Co Chair of Scientific Committee of WPA Congress in Bucharest) and Bulent Coskun (Chair of Section on Education)(April 2013).

Furthermore we are working together with Early Career Psychiatrists (ECP). At the WPA IC in Istanbul (June 2013), our aim is to focus on academic future of the ECP – through symposia, courses and a forum. We already have more than 25 % of our members in the Section composed of ECP (two of them – Julian Beezhold and Yatan Balhara, being members of the Section Committee). We want to increase that percentage by constantly recruiting new young members from developing areas of the world, realising that working closely with ECP is of vital importance to the future of psychiatry anywhere in the world. We are planning to benefit from the globally acknowledged expertise of our distinguished colleagues in the Section, as leaders and mentors for the ECP both at face to face meetings and via the internet.
We therefore would like to invite early career psychiatrists (ECP) from particularly developing areas of the world to join and contribute to the work of our Section on Education.

Bulent Coskun
Chair of WPA Section on Education

Participants of the Section Meeting in Prague. Standing (L to R) Nikos Christodoulou, Afzal Javed, Hugo de Waal, Cyril Hoschl, Bulent Coskun, Driss Moussaoui; Sitting (L to R) Ziad Kronfol, Maria Corral, Linda Gask, Adriana Mihai, Rex Haigh.




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