February 2013
Evolutionary Psychiatry

During the past year we have been happy to contribute to the following:

Wilson, DR and Price, JS (2011) Male philopatry, female entrapment, and sex difference in the incidence of depressive illness. Invited chapter for a volume produced by the University of Athens Press in honour of Professor George Christodoulou, Honorary President, Hellenic Psychiatric Association; President, Psychiatric Association for Eastern Europe and the Balkans; Honorary Fellow, World Psychiatric Association. Athens: University of Athens Press. Pp. 36-41.

Also one of us has been able to celebrate one of the pioneers of psychiatric epistemology.  Gregory Bateson was the son of William Bateson, one of the re-discoverers of Mendel, who had an interest in symmetry in biology.  The son had an interest in symmetry in relationships, and defined a symmetrical relation as one in which aggression was met with aggression, whereas in a complementary relationship aggression is met with appeasement.  Also Bateson was influential in replacing linear thinking with systemic thinking, providing an epistemological base for family therapy:

Price, J.S. (2011). The role of mood change in defining relationships: A tribute to Gregory Bateson (1904-1980) In: Maladapting Minds: Philosophy, Psychiatry and Evolutionary Theory. Edited by Andreas de Block and Pieter Adriaens. Pp. 264-288. Oxford:  Oxford University Press.


Daniel R. Wilson, Chair

John S. Price, Co-chair

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