February 2013
WPA Zone 8 (Southern Europe)

Education in Europe and the World Psychiatric Association: Symposium in Spain

A WPA Symposium on Educational Perspectives was held in September 2012 in Bilbao (Spain) within the framework of the Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and the Spanish Society of Biological Psychiatry. This Symposium offered the opportunity to review the WPA Strategic Plan in Education as well as Spanish and European initiatives. The panel, Pedro Ruiz (President of the WPA), Juan Jose López-Ibor (Past-President of the WPA), Edgar Belfort (WPA Secretary for Education), Jeronimo Saiz (President of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry), Miguel Casas (Professor of Psychiatry of the University of Barcelona) and Miguel Roca (WPA Zonal Representative for Southern Europe – Zone 8) discussed conceptual and experiential bases for national and international advocacy on this matter.

Over 1,500 Spanish psychiatrists and European and Latin American colleagues enjoyed an active Scientiļ¬c Program with Workshops, Symposia, Plenary sessions and lectures.  

Miguel Roca

WPA Zonal Representative for Zone 8 (Southern Europe)




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