February 2013
Italian Psychiatric Association

46th National Conference of the Italian Psychiatric Association (SIP)

“Nourishing the Mind. From Prevention to Rehabilitation Today” 

7-11 October 2012, Milan, Italy

The 46th National Conference of the Italian Psychiatric Association (SIP) took place last October in Milan, Italy, and was attended by WPA’s President, Prof. Pedro Ruiz, President-Elect, Prof. Dinesh Bhugra, and Past-President, Prof. Mario Maj.

The conference, structured through international plenary sessions and with more than 100 simultaneous symposia, was attended by almost 1,500 Italian psychiatrists (out of the around 6,000 constituting SIP) debating the most recent aspects of innovation in the field of psychiatry - from evidence provided by research to the organization of Mental Health Services.

During the conference, the Italian Psychiatric Association Council renewed its statutory members, electing Dr. Claudio Mencacci (Milan) and Prof. Emilio Sacchetti (Brescia) as President and President-Elect. Their 3-year mandate offers an important occasion for a scientific and clinical re-launching of Italian psychiatry in the future, as an increasing number of commitments will face the field.

Under the influence of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA), the member society SIP will also particularly value the efforts on the part of the more than 30 special and regional Sections to maintain intense collaborative relations with their twin sections from the WPA.

In shadow of the WPA’s worldwide anti-stigma campaigns, among other initiatives, the international photography exhibition on mental health “Invisible Solitudes – Life at the Edge of Mental Health” took place throughout the Conference. Thirty photographs by six photographers, published on www.SocialDocumentary.net, were chosen to present an intimate look at psychological suffering and its expression in different socio-cultural contexts. At the same time, they aimed to denounce its causes - and the ignorance and silence surrounding it.

Link to the exhibition's website and photo galleries: http://www.socialdocumentary.net/about.php?id=13


Massimo Clerici

Secretary, WPA Section on Addiction Psychiatry and Section on Family Research and Intervention

President, Italian Society of Addiction Psychiatry (SIP.Dip) and the Italian Society of Family Research and Intervention (SIRIF), Special Sections of the Italian Psychiatric Association (SIP)




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