February 2013
WPA Section Chairs meet at Prague

A meeting of WPA Scientific Section chairs took place during the Prague International Congress (October 2012). This was attended by 50 participants representing more than 30 Sections. The main objective of this meeting was to discuss and share the work of different Sections and encourage intersectional collaboration in their future work. Section leaders were very enthusiastic and keen to work with each other and appreciated this initiative very much. 

It was agreed that intersectional collaboration should emerge as an important theme in Sections work and based on the discussions at the meeting, many Sections proposed joint activities and agreed to explore opportunities for joint and collaborative work.

One of the recommendations was to consider organising special sessions/Forum on intersectional collaboration at all WPA sponsored meetings. It was suggested that such Intersectional Collaboration Forum/Sessions should have themes that may be of some common and mutual interest to all Sections. Based on these recommendations, the WPA Secretary for Sections agreed convening these sessions at 2013 WPA meetings being held at Bucharest, Istanbul and Vienna. The Bucharest Forum (on Undergraduate teaching and training in psychiatry) will be organised by the Section on Education in Psychiatry and the Istanbul session (on Stigma) will be conducted with the support from the Section on Stigma and Mental Health. It is hoped that more Sections will initiate similar activities in the future as well.

Section chairs also agreed to having similar meetings at future major WPA conferences. The Secretary for Sections urged that all Sections should update the WPA Secretariat with their activity reports so that this information can be uploaded on the website. The meeting was also attended by Levent Küey, WPA Secretary General and Michelle Riba, WPA Secretary for Publications.

Afzal Javed

WPA Secretary for Sections




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