February 2013
Transcultural Psychiatry

The WPA Section on Transcultural Psychiatry has developed an intense and fruitful activity during the second part of the year 2012, discussing the most relevant topics of the specialty. The Section participated actively in the International Congress “Focusing on Access, Quality and Humane Care" which was held on 17-21 October in Prague. This Congress, which saw the participation of numerous colleagues favored the exchange of ideas and projects amongst participants. The Congress raised the need to move towards a transcultural psychiatry more humanistic and open to society. The Section also actively participated in the Congress “Cultural Psychiatry  in Mediterranean Countries” held in Tel Aviv on 5-7 November. This Congress was also very fruitful and interesting to favoring the debate from transcultural perspective, especially from the point of view of the model of a great mix of cultures and values of the countries of the Mediterranean.

Likewise, the Section is working on modernizing and updating our website by trying to obtain the adaptation to new realities in the transcultural area in today’s world. These new realities are characterized by important migrations in very difficult conditions for the mental health. Also of importance for our website is the information and debate about the work relating to the situations of cultural minorities from the psychiatric and psychological perspective. Also, the website will reflect the new conceptualizations in culture, mental health, and psychopathology, especially in relation to the new edition of the DSM.

Joseba Achotegui

Secretary, WPA Section on Transcultural Psychiatry




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