February 2013
French Psychiatric Information Society

The French Psychiatric Information Society (SIP) produces scientific data, information and articles in collaboration with the Union of Hospital Psychiatrists (SPH) and the Journal of Psychiatric Information (Information psychiatrique). The three organizations form a common group.

Each year the SIP’s annual conference is the rallying point focusing on special themes. Last October, the theme was“What is happening with psychiatry?” during which Dinesh Bhugra, President-Elect of WPA presented a symposium where national and international themes were highlighted.

Reflections on ICD 11, a reinforced and privileged partnership with the Moroccan Society of Psychiatry, interest in Psychiatry for the person, and specific focus on perinatal psychiatry (chaired by SIP’s vice-president Gisèle Apter) were the main international topics of the Conference.

National themes were focused on specific training of residents, on how to work in public hospitals and how to teach and learn psychotherapy, continuous medical training for psychiatrists (with the modification of different French and European legislation on these issues), forensic update on expertise, responsibility and recent legislation on commitment, the issue of transgender surgery and psychiatry, and specific child and adolescent psychiatry disorders centered on autism, ADHD and learning disabilities.

Some of these subjects will continue to be hot topics for the 2013 annual conference in October 2013, for which the theme is adolescence and early adulthood.

The SIP’s continues to tackle the major issue of how to define the role and the tasks of psychiatrists today, in order to create a reference trade frame for psychiatrists.

Nicole Garret Gloanec

President, French Psychiatric Information Society




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