February 2013
Indian Psychiatric Society

Indian Psychiatric Society - ANCIPS 2013 Bangalore - A Grand Success

The 65th Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society held at NIMHANS Bangalore on 10-13 January 2013 was a grand success. With over 3,700 registrations, it has set a new record. More than 225 Posters, 225 free papers, 80 symposia/workshops and 25 Lectures provided a rich academic feast, justifying the theme “Psycho-social adversity and Mental Health”.

Invited Speakers included Norman Sartorius, Juan Mezzich, Vijoy K. Varma, Eliot Sorel, Driss Moussaoui, Dilip Jeste, MS Keshavan, RS Murthy, P. Sainath, Mohan Isaac, Rudra Prakash, James Scully, Michel Botbol, Laurence Mynors-Wallis, R. Raguram, KS Jacob, Vikram Patel, C. Andrade, PK Singh, BS Chavan and IRS Reddy. Many have informed us that this was one of the most outstanding scientific programmes ever in the history of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), amply exemplified by the houseful attendance in almost all sessions. Prof. Norman Sartorius was Chief Guest at the glittering inaugural ceremony and Mr. Preet Oberoi was the Guest of Honour. CME was inaugurated by Prof. Satish Chandra and Valedictory by Justice N. Kumar. Special Symposia included WPA Section on Preventive Psychiatry Symposium, Nimhans Platinum Jubilee Symposium, IPS – WASP - IAPA Symposium and Sessions by IAPA, BIPA and SAARC Psych Federation.

The Conference also marked the release of: i) IPG PG teaching Guidelines 2013 (prepared by Mohan Isaac, Pratima Murthy and team); ii) IJP Supplement on 'Indian Mental Health Concepts' (TSS Rao); iii) Recommendations on Marriage and Mental illness (Sonia Parial); iv) 'Community Psychiatry in India' (PB Behere); v) Conference Sovenir (RB Galgali) and e-Directory (Vinay Kumar). Other innovations included an exclusive 'Young Psychiatrist Tract', International Young Psychiatrist Fellowships and KC Dube and M Murugappan Awards and e-Posters for the first time. Let me express our heartiest appreciation to the Organizing Committee led by Dr. S. Kalayanasundaram for their exemplary work. They have spent several sleepless nights and left no turn stone unturned for the success of this Conference.

Prof. Indira Sharma has assumed office as our new President. She is a brilliant academician and a dynamic leader and we extend our best wishes to her. As the Conference President, let me express my indebtedness to the members of the scientific committee, Prof. Asim Kumar Mallik (General Secretary) and Prof. TSS Rao (Editor), Treasurer Dr. Vinay Kumar, IPP Thiru and IPGS UC Garg, the members of the EC and all our Fellows and members for their constant guidance and support. We also thank the WPA for co-sponsoring the Conference.

Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

Immediate Past President, Indian Psychiatric Society




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