February 2013

Activities in 2012

The Croatian Psychiatric Association (CPA) was founded in 1992, and is a member of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) since June 1993. The CPA organizes a psychiatric congress every four years (five have been organized so far - Split 1994, Opatija 1998, Osijek 2002, Cavtat 2006, and Šibenik 2010). Since 2004, the CPA has organized annual meetings titled Croatian Psychiatric Days. At this year’s Croatian Psychiatric Days, 220 psychiatrists participated, and 150 of them were of a younger age.

This year the CPA organized a symposium on the 10th of October, World Mental Health Day.  The symposium was titled ''Depression in the context of the global crisis'' and was held in The University psychiatric hospital ''Vrapče'' in Zagreb.  In attendance were 150 psychiatrists, psychiatry residents and other professionals in the field of mental health.

The CPA contributed significantly to the pronouncement of the 6th of June as the Day for the rights of persons with mental disorders. On 1 June the Croatian congress issued the decision that the 6th of June be pronounced the day for the rights of persons with mental disorders in Croatia (on the 6th of June 1880 the very modern statute of today’s University psychiatric hospital ‘’Vrapče’’ was accepted by the Croatian government at that time).

During the past year the Croatian Psychiatric Association has taken part in the public debate about the network of public psychiatric institutions in Croatia. Currently the CPA is preparing for the next annual Croatian Psychiatric Days which will be held in Opatija on 4-6 April 2013.

Vlado Jukić

President, Croatian Psychiatric Association




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