February 2013
Armenian Psychiatric Association

Given the current model of Armenian healthcare system that lacks a comprehensive mental health program approved by the government, a working group has been created in 2012 to develop a mental health strategy for the Republic of Armenia within the framework of a signed memo between the Ministry of Health of RA and Open Society Foundations.

The group has already come up with the comprehensive strategy plan and has accomplished the major parts of the strategy paper.

The first step of the strategy development was to conduct a situational analysis and identify the corresponding gaps and needs in the field. Early in 2012, the group came up with social, educational, legal and health domains as the target sectors of the strategy and addressed the major gaps and needed reformations in each sector. In the summer and fall of 2012, the group made study visits to several European countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, and Republic of Estonia) to get acquainted with their mental health system and positive/negative consequences of the recent reforms. Accordingly, the group integrated the international experience based on the knowledge gained from the visits adapting the models to fit Armenian reality. By the end of 2012, the group had met for couple of days and finalized the implementation steps to be undertaken and accomplished by 2014, as well as designed the monitoring and evaluation plan of the whole process and the expected outcomes.

Armen Soghoyan

President, Armenian Psychiatric Association




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