December 2013
Lithuanian Cultural Psychiatry Association

News from the Association 2013

The Lithuanian Cultural Psychiatry Association (LCPA), inaugurated in 2004, is an Affiliated Association of the WPA, as well as of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry. The LCPA was a sponsoring organization of the World Congresses of Cultural Psychiatry, held in Beijing in September 2006, and in Italy in 2009.

During the recent couple of years the LCPA had continued functioning in a way of personal initiative of several members in the area of their interests. The main part of the members continue their research on the impact of values on psychopathology, as well as impact of political and socioeconomic changes. This can be seen in the content of patients suffering from schizophrenia, as well as in the content of psychopathology of the PTSD.

After long years of the Soviet occupation, along with political and economical changes,Lithuania has become a region undergoing cultural shock, which is interesting and valuable for psychiatric research. At the same time Lithuania has become free and open for other cultures, patients’ from different countries entry in the local health care system. Values and priorities have been changing. Lithuanian psychiatry is facing management problems, lack of social networks, ethical problems remain unresolved. The LCPA worked on the Code of Ethics for Lithuanian psychiatrists, presented draft of the Code for further considerations, and therefore opinion was raised to discuss another possible survival without a Code at all.

Some members of the LCPA moved to live and practice in the UK; others keep going to perform Locums in foreign countries. The approximate salary of Lithuanian psychiatrists with 10 years practice is around 1400 litas per month which is about 400 Euros.
Members of the LCPA continue to participate in international activities, such as the Congress of the WPA and UNESCO last year in Israel, upcoming Congress of the EPA in Nice, APA in San Francisco, presenting original research data on Schizophrenia and PTSD.

Palmira Rudaleviciene

President, Lithuanian Cultural Psychiatry





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