December 2013
International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists (IAEE)

Siberian Gerald of Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry – official journal of the Mental Health Research Institute, Headquarters of the IAEE

Under the heading “Biological research”, papers of famous Russian and foreign researchers in the field of biological psychiatry carried out within two basictopics of the conference “Current Problems of Biological psychiatry” and “Addiction Psychiatry”: 1) questions of clinical and experimental psychoneuroimmunology;2) molecular-biological, molecular-genetic investigations in psychiatry and addiction psychiatry; 3) neuromorphological bases of mental and behavioral disorders; 4) psychophysiological and neurochemical bases of mental disorders and dependencies;5) improvement of methods of prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of mental disorders.

The Third Russian Conference with international participation has been devoted to fundamental problems of biological psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. Intensity of development of this field of knowledge is confirmed by World Congresses of Biological Psychiatry. Within the conference at the multi-disciplinary level, innovative approaches to the study of mechanisms of development of socially significant diseases are considered. Special attention is paid for the development of neurobiological technologies based on joint research of institutions of RAMSci and RASci. Conceptual analysis of possibilities of translational and personalized medicine in the field of neurosciences is discussed. Relevant problems of neurophysiology, molecular genetics and immunology of mental disorders and illnesses of dependency are considered at symposiums. Participation in the conference of leading Russian and foreign scientists will strengthen many years of international collaboration and will promote improvement of methodical arsenal of institutes-partners. A roundtable is devoted to fundamental aspects of psychiatry – psychoneuroimmunomodulation, pharmacogenetic, behavioural models, and prospects of proteomic and cellular technologies of reduction of losses from socially significant diseases. Possibilities of broadening of interdisciplinary, inter-branch and international cooperation on fundamental research in the field of psychiatry and addiction psychiatry are discussed.

Valentin Semke, President

Nikolay Bokhan, Vice-President

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