December 2013
Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina

International activities of the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The first joint meeting of representatives of the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) with representatives of the Turkish Association for Psychopharmacology (TAP) was held on January 11, 2013 in Istanbul (Turkey). The meeting was attended by members of the PABH Presidency – Prof. Dragan Babić (President), with Profs. Marija Burgić-Radmanović and Izet Pajević (Vice Presidents), and representatives of TAP – Profs. Mesut Cetin, Haluk Savas, Nazan Aydın, Ilhan Yargic, and Assoc. Prof. Yasin Bez. The main purpose of this meeting was to getting to know each other and discuss about the possible forms of future co-operation.

The TAP representatives have indicated their professional and scientific capabilities and offered education of our psychiatrists through diferent activities (conferences, symposia and numerous interesting courses from various fields of psychiatry and psychopharmacology) which can be organized in English.

Our delegation informed their hosts on the organization, activities and opportunities of our Association. Special interest among TAP representatives have sparked experience in psychotraumatology of our psychiatrists and they expressed a desire to becomemore familiar with this issue. It was agreed to discuss various possibilities for future cooperation, and it was proposed that the first joint professional and scientific meeting will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina during this year. The joint meeting in Istanbul was held in a very positive atmosphere and pronounced preference of representatives of both associations to achieve long term mutually beneficial cooperation.

For more information and future joint activities, please visit our website at

Dragan Babić

President, Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina




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