December 2013
Institute of Australasian Psychiatrists Inc.

Report on the International Conference on ‘Mind the Gap’, January 2013

The Nitte University in southern rural India recently hosted a second international conference which was organized in collaboration with the University of Wollongong Graduate School of Medicine and the Institute of Australasian Psychiatrists Inc.

The ‘Mind the Gap’ theme of the conference focused on the challenges of rural psychiatry in an international setting. Dr Naveen Chandra, Director of Nitte rural Psychiatry project led the conference and he aimed to address the challenges of rural patients with mental illness across the globe in this conference.

Prof. Nagesh Pai from the Graduate School of Medicine (GSM) said that he was especially keen to support and contribute to the conference because of its rural and community engagement focus, which are also key components of the GSM’s mission.

Twenty-two Australian delegates attended the international conference to share and discuss both similarities and differences in the challenges of dealing with global mental health, as well as the importance of incorporating more mental health teaching in a medical education curriculum.

The conference was judged an enormous success and provided a fundamental platform for future international collaborative clinical and research activities in providing psychiatric treatment for individuals living in rural settings around the world.

Nagesh Pai

Consultant Psychiatrist/Member

Institute of Australasian Psychiatrists Inc.




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