December 2013
Immunology and Psychiatry

Activity on early life events and mental illnesses

As our Section deals with the issues related to abnormalities in immunological parameters and their consequences in terms of neuropsychiatric disorders, the neurotoxicity induced by some inflammatory related molecules such as cytokines or metabolites in the brain during early life is also an issue to be considered.

In the beginning of this year, activities of our Section focused on childhood psychiatric disorders and preand peri-natal immune changes and vulnerability to psychiatric illnesses in later life.

The Section regularly organizes the Section newsletter, twice a year, to exchange the opinion between members of the Section and also with members of other Sections. It can be found on our Section webpage. The latest issue of our newsletter focused on prenatal exposure to infections and changes in the brain related to immune function.

The Secretary of our Section was also invited to give a grand-round talk at the Neurological Institute of Cleveland Clinic and discussed with the senior psychiatrists who are working on the area of immune related changes and childhood psychiatric disorders for future research studies.

At the European Psychiatric Association Congress on 6-9 April in Nice, France, the members of the Section, in collaboration with an invited speaker will give a symposium on “Shortand Long-Term Impacts of Immune Stress in Prenatal and Perinatal Period: from Basic to the Clinic” on the 7th from 15:00hrs to 16:30hrs.

Aye-Mu Myint

Secretary, WPA Section on

Immunology and Psychiatry




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