December 2013
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

Jasper’s Real Life 01-03

The Dutch ADHD Network of professionals has encouraged the theatre group Bint, well known for the production on ADHD Off Road (, to develop realistic films about ADHD in adults. The ADHD Network wants to contribute to fair education on ADHD, using humour and empathy.

Jasper has ADHD and would like to explain how his life with ADHD really is to his girlfriend, his family, his boss, and better to the whole world. He is a nice and creative young man, but somehow he repeatedly screws up with keys, things he needs, with time. Actually he even screws things up with everyone around …

In Jasper’s Real Life, 01-03 we follow Jasper at home (01), at work (02) and during a dinner party with his girlfriend for the occasion of their 8-year anniversary (03). Every film lasts around 8 minutes.

The films can be downloaded for free at and via YouTube. They may be used for presentations on ADHD, to show friends and family what ADHD is about, or just for fun.

We are curious how Jasper will continue. Is he going to do something about the chaos? What is it gonna be, can we have a look inside? Will there be a Jasper’s Real Life 04??

On behalf of the Board of the ADHD Network.

J.J. Sandra Kooij

Co-chair, WPA Section on

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders




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