December 2013
Education in Psychiatry

News from the Section

The WPA Section on Education in Psychiatry is proud to continue growing with new members, most of them being young colleagues who are eager to work actively on education in psychiatry.

There are several scientific activities at various international meetings, some completed successfully European Congress of Social Psychiatry (July 2012, Geneva), WPA International Congress (September 2012, Prague), WFMH (March, Athens); others accepted or submitted for acceptance in the upcoming WPA meetings April (Bucharest), June (Istanbul), and October (Vienna), World Association for Social Psychiatry Congress (June, Lisbon), World Congress for Asian Psychiatry (August, Bangkok), and European Conference in Violence in Psychiatry (October, Gent). Members of the Section have represented or will be representing education in psychiatry at these international activities.

Other than the Section symposium in Bucharest, the first one of the series of Intersectional Forums organized by the WPA Secretary for Sections will be devoted to the Section on Education in Psychiatry with the theme “Medical Education: Psychiatry’s Role”.
In addition to all these international congresses a special workshop has recently been organized by the Section on Education in Psychiatry and Midlands Psychiatric Research Group, UK, on “Undergraduate teaching and training in Psychiatry” with the theme “Setting guidelines for low income and developing countries” in Coventry, Warwickshire, UK on 18-19 March 2013. The meeting was attended by 34 participants coming from Australia, Bosnia, Colombia, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the UK. Participants were very enthusiastic about the theme of the meeting and considered this as an important area that required more professional attention. They were fully satisfied with the contents and format of the meeting and accepted it as a focal point for initiating further collaborative work with experts who represented other universities and medical schools in this seminar.

This meeting is considered as a continuum of the Doha workshop in April 2012. Another ring of the chain is planned to be realized at a developing country in 2014.

Bulent Coskun

Chair, WPA Section on

Education in Psychiatry




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