December 2013
Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry

WPA Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry Section symposium at the 3rd Monothematic Congress “Crises and Disasters”, 6-9 March 2013, Athens, Greece

The WPA Section on Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry presented on Friday the 8th a symposium titled “Beyond chaos, establishing an on-going therapeutic alliance. A psychoanalytic View” for which the chairs Prof. Florence Quartier from Geneva (Switzerland) and Prof. M. Botbol from Brest (France) chose a panel of examples of the way in which psychoanalytical concepts and methods are used by psychoanalytically trained psychiatrists and therapists to deal with personal and institutional crisis.

Dr. Ioana Atger from the Dupre care and study clinic in Sceaux (France) presented a way of using psychodrama in a natural setting in order to understand shared fantasiesbetween families and caregivers. Her presentation “Working with patients’ families in a care and study setting: from chaos to shared fantasies” was meant to analyse the integrative approach of institutional crisis induced by traumatised adolescents repeating their pathology in an institutional setting.

Dr. Javier Bartolomei from Geneva (Switzerland) described the complexity of “Crisis interventions for asylum seekers” in which the usual clinical role of psychoanalysis is somewhat perverted when it must participate to elucidate whether the demand is legitimate or not.

Dr. Maria Ammon (Germany) shared with us her psychoanalytical practice of the transgenerational approach of the experience of trauma and personality development in children and adults. According to her experience, too much sharing as well as total denial of trauma leads to the same extent to transgenerational transmission of psychopathology.

From another point of view, Siegelinde Bast (Berlin, Germany) explored the way in which psychosomatic crises or the loss of the human being is dealt with in modern psychosomatic medicine.

All these interventions completed the global social approaches of crises and disasters and witnessed the precious contribution of psychoanalysis in treating and preventing long term consequences of crisis and disasters for vulnerable patients and also, in some extent for the everyday caregivers.

Michel Botbol

Co-chair, WPA Section on

Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry




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