December 2013
Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The 7th Symposium of Biological Psychiatry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Organized by the Association for Biological Psychiatry/Psychopharmacology in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ABPPFBH), in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry, University of Sarajevo Clinical Center and co-organized by the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH), was held the Seventh Symposium of Biological Psychiatry/Psychopharmacology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Symposium, entitled “Bipolar Disorders”, took place on April 19-20, 2013 in the city of Zenica (“Zenica” Hotel).

The Symposium was opened by the President of the ABPPFBIH and the President of the Organizing Committee Prof. Abdulah Kučukalić, and was welcomed by the President of PABH Prof. Dragan Babić.

The two-day work of the Symposium consisted of more than 15 invited lectures by eminent psychiatrists and lecturers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. The Symposium was attended by many participants and we are delighted that again more than half of the participants were members of the PABH. The lectures provided an opportunity for us to improve our knowledge on bipolar disorders spectrum through the presentations of the latest evidence-based findings in this field. This expert meeting focused on the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitation procedures in order to achieve a better quality of life of people suffering from bipolar disorders. Special emphasis was given to the cognitive changes in bipolar disorders, than co-morbidity of bipolar disorders but also to the relationship with neurological diseases and other psychiatric disorders (anxiety, dual diagnosis of substance abuse, and others). All this confirmed the already established practice of the integrative approach to psychiatry, and the interaction between psychiatry and other branches of medicine. In addition to invited speakers tree Mini Satellite Symposia were held during the Symposium, related to the theme of the Symposium. The Symposium was accompanied by an exhibition of 11 sponsoring pharmaceutical companies. The organizers of the social component of the program hosted a Symposium dinner-dance and the participants enjoyed this in the very impressive atmosphere of Hotel “Zenica”.

This year’s Symposium was successful in both professional and organizational aspects, and it has been included in the list of psychiatric events of the first rank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with established tradition and continuous professional and scientific contribution. We look forward to the Eighth Symposium of Biological Psychiatry/Psychopharmacology in Bosnia and Herzegovina next year, in which our Association will again be a co-organizer.

Goran Račetović
Secretary General
Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The 10th Psychiatric Saturday in Mostar

This year the traditional Symposium Mostar Psychiatric Saturday celebrated its 10th Anniversary with the topic “Professionalism in the Modern Medicine and Psychiatry”. On June 8, 2013 over 120 mental health professionals from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina attended this event in the City of Mostar (in the Hotel “ERO”) on dynamic scientific sessions provided by 13 speakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Germany followed by constructive discussions about the very important topic which is always current, especially in transitional times, passing through our society, medicine and psychiatry. The Symposium was organized by the Department of Psychiatry (School of Medicine, Mostar). This year the coorganizers were the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) and the University Clinic Mostar Department of Psychiatry, also supported and certificated with CME points by Medical Chamber of Neretva-Herzegovina Canton/County. The accompanying program this year was eventful, with 7 exhibitions of symposia sponsors, presentation of the two medical magazines and journals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as several books. The day before participants were able to attend the traditional Satellite Symposium entitled “Depression hurts: From the Early Recognition to the Recovery” provided by distinguished speakers from Sarajevo (BH) and Zagreb (Croatia) with a welcome dinner for around 50 participants, organized by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly B-H. The PABH President, Prof. Dragan Babić welcomed all guests and participants in the name of our Association as well as in the name of the Organizing Committee of the Symposium and presented 10 years of development and growth of Mostar Psychiatric Saturday.

In the beautiful City of Mostar, which also restores both intellectually and spiritually, we had a pleasant and useful opportunity to exchange professional experiences and ideas with colleagues and enjoy always sunny Herzegovina. Therefore, we look forward to the 11th Mostar’s Psychiatric Saturday.

Dragan Babić, President
(and President, Organising Commitee) Goran Račetović, Secretary General Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Future activities announcement

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce future activities organized by the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) in the form of two major psychiatric events to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

1. The 1st Joint Symposium of the Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey will be held on September 14, 2013 in Sarajevo. This Symposium is organized in collaboration with the Turkish Association of Psychopharmacology (TAP) and it is conceived as the exchange of the experiences between our and turkish psychiatrists in two important topics psychotraumatology (with emphasis on PTSD) and psychotic disorders.

2. The 12th Psychiatric Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held on November 15-16, 2013 in Neum, only town at the small part of the Adriatic Sea coast in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main topic is “Addiction: the New Insights”, and is fully organized by the PABH and under the patronage of the European Psychiatric Association with support and acreditation by the Medical Chamber of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton/County. The Psychiatric Days is an annual Symposium of our Association. Part of the Symposium will be held by EPA Academia CME Course “Leadership in Psychiatry”, and conducted by Prof. Dinesh Bhugra, WPA President-Elect. During the Symposium, the Annual PABH General Assembly will be held.

These Symposia are psychiatric events of high value for all Bosnia-Herzegovina’s mental health professionals and members of our Association, with their active participation as lecturers or participants. Further announcements about these planned events in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be available on the website of PABH and reports from them will be sent to the WPA upon the completion of the events.

Dragan Babić, President
Goran Račetović, Secretary General Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina




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