December 2013
Dear Colleagues and Friends from all regions of the world,

Once more, I am writing to all of you to report on all of the main WPA activities effectively implemented during the last trimester of 2012; that is, from July 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012. During this period, we continue to effectively implement our 2011-2014 WPA Action Plan.

In early July, I attended and represented the WPA in the committee which selected the person who received the “Lopez Ibor Award”. This award was presented to Dr. Srinivasa Murthy, who delivered an excellent lecture during the award ceremony held in Prague, Czech Republic in October 17-21, 2012. In August 30 to September 1, 2012, I represented the WPA as an invited lecturer in the XXII Annual Congress of the Peruvian Psychiatric Association. This outstanding Congress was held in Trujillo, Peru; I had the honor of becoming an Honorary Member of the Peruvian Psychiatric Association and delivering a lecture on “Stigma and the Profession of Psychiatry”.

During the period of September 13-15, 2012, the entire WPA Executive Committee attended and organized, together with the Indonesian Psychiatric Association, a WPA Regional Meeting in Bali, Indonesia focusing on “Mental Health and Disaster: Beyond Emergency Response”. Over 800 psychiatrists and mental health professionals from all over Asia attended and participated in this WPA sponsored event, especially young psychiatrists from this Asian Region. This scientific event clearly demonstrated the WPA’s commitment towards the most needed regions of the world with respect to mental health needs. We were all very proud of this outstanding achievement and organizational success.

During the period of September 17-20, 2012, I was invited and represented the WPA in the 20th International Psychiatric Congress organized by the Association of Argentinian Psychiatrists (AAP). This event also represented the “XXXIX Jornadas Argentinas de Psiquiatría”. In this Congress, I delivered a lecture on “Poverty as a Factor in Social Crisis and Human Disasters”.

During the period of September 25-28, 2012, I was invited to attend and participate in the XVI National Congress of Psychiatry organized by the Spanish Society of Psychiatry, held in Bilbao, Spain. Our WPA Secretary for Education, Dr. Edgard Belfort, accompanied me on this occasion, as well as the Past President, Dr. Juan Jose Lopez-Ibor. The three of us conducted an Educational Forum, which was well attended and received.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for me during this last trimester, as WPA President, to have been involved in these numerous events on behalf of the WPA and the profession at large.


Pedro Ruiz, M.D.
WPA President (2011-2014)




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