December 2013
Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry

16th International Conference for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology 26-29 June 2014


The University Center for Philosophy and Mental Health and the Balkan Academy for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, member association of the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry (INPP) will be hosting the 16th Conference of INPP in Bulgaria on June 26-29, 2014.

The overall topic of the Conference is “Neuroscience, Logics, Mental Development”.

We have decided to bring forward Neuroscience as it has not been emphasized in the INPP Conference series since 2007. Although remarkable progress has been achieved in neurobiological studies in the interim, those have not been integrated yet in mental health taxonomy.

Logics are understood from a multifaceted perspective: as a multicultural diversity of logics, applied to psychopathology of the common sense; as well as the logic of reasoning in psychological and psychiatric professional narratives.

Mental Development is presented as both normal and abnormal, psychological and psychopathological and is related to neuroscience with the concepts of mental disease as neurodevelopment disorder.

This major international event is organized in collaboration with a number of outstanding International Academic Sponsors: International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry (INPP); World Psychiatric Association (WPA), Section on Philosophy and Humanities Balkan Academy for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology; Royal College of Psychiatrists, Philosophy Special Interest Group.

Among the national academic sponsors are the Medical University of Plovdiv, and the Center for Philosophy and Mental Health, Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv.

The core program topics include: Neuroscience & Psychiatric Research and Practice; Neuroscience and Phenomenology; Neuroscience of Thinking; ‘Thinking’ in Neuroscience; Neuroscience of Emotions; ‘Emotions’ in Neuroscience; Philosophy of Advances in Neuroscience; Language in Mental Health; Reasoning in Mental Health; Language and Logic of Experiences; Language and Logic of Thinking; Development of Thinking; Development of Emotions; Development of a Personal Language; Phenomenology of Mental Development; Values in Mental Development; Values in Neuroscience; Neuroscience and Personal Interaction; Mental Development and Personal Interaction. Of course any other topics pertinent to the main thematic of the event are welcome aboard.

Proceedings of the Conference will be published in the scholarly journal Folia Medica, indexed in PubMed. According to a resolution of the Editorial board there will be produced one Supplement issue in 2014 to include all abstracts selected for presentation at the Conference and one Special Thematic issue in Philosophy of Psychiatry with selected peer-reviewed full text papers, Guest Editors of the latter to be determined.

So far the following Key Note Speakers have been confirmed:Prof. C. Robert Cloninger, Washington University St. Louis, USA; Prof. Peter Zachar, Auburn University Montgomery, USA; Prof. Stefan Borgwardt, University of Basel, Switzerland; Prof. Kenneth William Fulford, University of Oxford, UK; Prof. Giovanni Stanghellini, University of Chieti, Italy; and Prof. Thomas Fuchs, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

We are looking forward to your scientific contribution and to welcoming you as guests in the beautiful seaside of Bulgaria.

Drozdstoj S. Stoyanov

Member, WPA Section on Philosophy and

Humanities in Psychiatry

President of the 16th INPP Conference




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